With over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of acrylic bathtubs and shower enclosures, since the birth, Hotaqi has been grasping the concept of providing fasinating products, embrace minimalism, infusing the thought and emotion into products by design, make the product alive, make you feel happy when using products.

Hotaqi is the homophony of good weather in Chinese, meaning for good weather, you can find that most of the product design series root in good weather.
Hotaqi是中文好天气的谐音,意为good weather, 你可以看到好天气大部分的产品设计系列的灵感均来自于此.
Hotaqi has strict demand on product detail and quality control, Hotaqi is dedicated to making every product fascinating. There is somehow you like, either shape or some part, even the comfort more or less, there is always an excuse obsesses you.
Hotaqi believes that every product has its own soul, the product has its own vibe, when you blender together is the atmosphere of your family, and home never let you go willingly.
好天气对产品的细节和品质的管控有着苛刻的要求,好天气致力于让每一个产品都让人着迷,有这么或那么一点的地方让你喜欢,这一点或是形状或是一个部件或是舒适感,或多或少,总有那么一个点打动到你。 好天气相信每个产品都有灵魂,产品会散发出属于她自己的温度,当你的温度和产品交触到一起就是你家庭的温度,你的家会让你着迷……
Life is unsteady, more or less, simple or miscellaneous, the minimalist design of Hotaqi is the pursuit and return of the essence of life, the pursuit of sort of plain and free after back to before, let the soul remain to the true.
Minimalist life is a redefinition of freedom. Simplicity namely is the comfort both inside and outside. It throws away the things are “ not needed but unwilling” in life. This stage will make people totally realize what is really important and know how to appreciate the beauty of every single item in depth. Reject too many unnecessary stuff and hunt for what really matters in your life. Hotaqi insists on every detail of product less is more, remove complexity, stick to the combination of practical and simple, so that sanitary products return to the original simple modeling, elegant and smooth design sense, with the most simple modeling, to gain the maximum comfort. Every detail is people-oriented, and the design is unshaped.